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What is Leitstand?

Leitstand is an open-sourced network management solution for carrier-scale networks. It provides the tools needed to operate the underlying infrastructure in a telecoms network built from disaggregated software and hardware systems.

Leitstand’s aim is to increase the efficiency of developing, buying and running network management systems by applying a web-scale approach to problem.

zero-touch provisioning

Deploy new infrastructure in minutes

software version management

Automate and control software upgrades across the entire network

operational visibility

Automated network topology visualization

inventory management

Self-generated views of installed equipment, software images and element roles

alarm monitoring

Set thresholds,alerts and logs for any network parameter

fault diagnosis

Inspect operational states, investigate faults and network issues

What are the benefits of Leitstand?

In the past, equipment providers developed bespoke management systems to assist carriers in operating their networks. Although common protocols and interfaces emerged, these tools were usually optimized for the vendors’ own equipment. This resulted in inefficient use of development resources within equipment vendors and complex integration challenges for carriers operating multi-vendor networks.

By providing the operational toolset on an open-source basis, Leitstand will increase the efficiency of producing, maintaining and enhancing carriers’ operational tools and processes, for both the vendors and the carriers.

Lower cost

Sharing resources across a wider community brings an economy of scale to the solution developers, allowing contributors to focus on their core competences. And, of course, tools are made available at no charge to operators and system integrators.

Greater agility

Developers can focus more effort on solving higher-value problems, rather than ‘reinventing the wheel’ for every system element. Coupling this with an agile software development approach leads to even faster development cycles. A wider pool of developers also means a deeper pool of ideas, with the most innovative solutions bubbling up to the top.

Less risk

A wider community of developers is better able to find and fix bugs, producing more robust software than a proprietary approach. And should a security issue arise, for example, the subsequent fix benefits the entire ecosystem of downstream developments.

Who is involved?

The Leitstand initiative was launched in February, 2020. Founding contributors included Deutsche Telekom, EWETel, Reply and RtBrick.

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